Bad Mannerz Band Members

The talent behind the Bad Mannerz band members include James McArdelle, Dave Eaton, Lee Foy, Jimmy Schrader, and Dennis Bussell.

We perform a unique style of old skool rock with an attitude, and toss in a few album length versions of oldie songs.

Bad Mannerz Members

Enjoy the solid music and strong vocals that combine for an outstanding show performance by the talented Bad Mannerz members.

James McArdelle

Our drummer James McArdelle is old skool, and has proven his extraordinary skills since the first set of his first gig with Bad Mannerz.

Clark Dorman

We have Clark Dorman on bass guitar and vocals, and he has decades of experience including with current members Dennis and Lee Foy.

Lee Foy

Lee Foy handles keyboards plus more: flute, harmonica, sax, and vocals which is like 5 musicians creating an awesome show experience.

Brian McArdelle

Our incredible talent on lead guitar is Brian McArdelle, who likewise has decades of experience playing in the Orlando area music scene.

Dennis Bussell

Watch lead vocalist Dennis Bussell, a true chameleon with the powerful voice and gestures of rockstar greats like Joe Cocker.

Bad Mannerz Photo Gallery

View the Bad Mannerz photo gallery slideshows to view group and individual band member photographs to download.

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