Bad Mannerz Site Logo

The revised Bad Mannerz site logo includes a subtle makeover of our “old skool rock with an attitude” cartoon mascot.

bad mannerz site logo

This iconic mascot has been part of our brand in print and online since we first formed Bad Mannerz nearly 10 years ago.

What changed? Why now? We added the Bad Mannerz name embroidered on the front of the red cap. That’s all. It was time.

Since September 2015 we moved from our 3-4 page website to give fans an expanded mobile friendly experience yet familiar look.

The revised iconic mascot for the Bad Mannerz site logo means this symbol will continue to be part of our brand in the future.

Besides our website, the revised mascot is our social media profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus.

Many thanks to all our friends and fans for your support of local live music. We look forward to seeing you at our next show!

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